Here are 7 Ideas For Having More Intimate Sex

Do you feel that you have fallen into a sexual rut? Maybe your sexual relationship with your partner has flattened. Or you realized that many of your recent sexual encounters lacked any intimacy. Perhaps you struggle in dealing with rejection from past sexual partners or are feeling self-conscious about your body. These are just several reasons why you — and many other people — could be looking for advice on having more intimate sex.

The Perfect Romantic Massage to Turn Your Lover On

Giving a perfect sensual massage can be daunting for beginners with no massage experience. I would suggest you get a regular massage first to know the basic motions, such as rubbing and kneading, as well as what motions work for certain areas of the body.
Nonetheless, what’s important when giving a sensual massage is keeping in touch with your partner’s reactions, what motions work for them, what makes them sigh with pleasure, and what intensity they feel comfortable with.

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