Is She Bored During Sex? 5 Things She Wants in Bed

I have bad news for you. She’s bored. And look, no one wants to be the clueless guy who’s pounding away at her while she just waits for you to finish. But how would you know if you’re that clueless guy or not? Chances are, she’s not going to out-right tell you she’s bored in bed.

There are three ways to tell if she’s bored with your sex life — but men miss these three cues all the time.

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So what if she IS bored?

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Below I will share the things you can instantly start doing to spice things up in the bedroom, reignite the passion, and amp up her desire to have MORE sex with you. Because after you do these things, she’ll want sex more often, and she’ll even enjoy easier and more frequent orgasms.

How can you tell if she’s bored during sex?

She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. This is why women often hide the fact that they’re bored in the bedroom — it’s not because she wants to lie to you — it’s because she might not be sure how to talk about it.

So how can you tell if she’s actually bored during sex?

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1. It’s hard to bring her to orgasm

What used to drive her wild just doesn’t cut it anymore. She’s not reaching orgasm as often as she used to. Things feel routine and uninspired, and she doesn’t seem to be very “into it.” This could indicate that she’s disengaging from you sexually, and in order to make her interested again, you need to add more novelty, which we’ll get to in just a moment.

2. She’s not initiating sex as often as she used to.

You’re having sex less often because she doesn’t seem very interested in starting anything with you. When she’d rather roll over and go to sleep than start making out with you, there’s a huge indication that you haven’t exactly been blowing her mind.

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3. The novelty is lacking

Women’s brains need more novelty and more variety in bed than men’s do. Novelty and variety are necessary in order for her to stay sexually invested, aroused and interested in her long-term partner.

So, sex got boring for her and now she has no moral reason to engage in it. In order for you to keep her sexually interested, you have got to understand that her desire stems from novelty, variety, and exploring all the kinky things that interest her… not just the kinky stuff you’re interested in.

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5 things she wishes you did for a better sex life

1. Set the stage

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Take responsibility for setting the scene and creating an environment that feels relaxing, sensual, and sexy. Think about all five of her senses — the textures, the scents, getting the temperature just right — so she will feel so cared for that she’ll have no other choice but to relax. This can be as simple as lighting some candles, making sure the sheets are fresh and clean, and putting on some soft music. This is a phenomenal way to change things up, create novelty, and giving her implicit permission to key into her body and pleasure.

2. Touch her gently

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It’s all part of mastering the art of foreplay: knowing exactly how to touch a woman to turn her on. Here are some ideas: gently touch the tips of your fingers to her skin, starting at her extremities (hands and feet), and then moving toward her erogenous zones. Gently caress her nipples, vulva, and mouth. Use your presence and the art of the tease — with just the lightest touch.

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3. Take her with abandon and ravish her

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Look – most women love being dominated in bed. When you take control and ravish her, she gets EXTREMELY turned on because you’re showing her that you just can’t keep your hands off her.

Dominating her also provides her the luxury of not having to make any decisions. She gets to sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasure you provide.

4. Get kinky and tie her up

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Pull her out of the restraints, grab a blindfold. It requires a lot of trust, but if you have earned her trust, it can turn everything that you do into an amazing exploration of her senses. Plus being restrained, being tied up, being blindfolded, are literally the building blocks of a creative sexual experience and sexual pleasure. So I challenge you to try it out.

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5. Bring in toys and accessories that blow her mind

There are certain toys that are specifically built for couples to have penis and vagina (PIV) sex. There are vibrators that go inside of her body and stimulate her clitoris that are hands-free and make penetrative sex feel incredible for her.

There are so amazing and really inexpensive bullet vibrators that you can use with your fingers or her fingers and hold onto her clitoris or the base of your penis. You can play around with dildos and butt plugs. There are a plethora of sex toys out there for you to explore and enjoy.

There’s one other huge benefit to using sex toys, which is between 70 and 75% of women have a hard time, if not impossible time, achieving orgasm without clitoral stimulation. So be sure to stimulate her clit.

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Become the Best Lover She’s Ever Had.

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I promise you, ANY woman you make love to will respond to one of these five points. That’s because I’ve designed them for each type of erotic human being… so ask yourself: which one of these 5 points above might appeal the most to your woman? Which one are you going to try tonight?

If you want extra credit — if you want to become the best lover she’s ever had and ensure she’s never bored during sex again — you should check out this guide below. This is the female pleasure blueprint that will teach you the exact skills to pleasure her, master foreplay, give her multiple orgasms, and be unforgettable in bed.

Now you have the tools you need to ensure she’s never bored during sex again.

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