For Him | Signs You Nailed Her RIGHT (Plus 4 easy steps to make a woman orgasm)

Reading a woman’s thoughts and emotions can be quite difficult especially during sex, but there are a few physical and verbal signs that will be great indicators that you are putting in good work and pleasing her right. Some of the signs you may already know, but others maybe new to you. Either way, if you observe any of these reactions in the list, you ARE King dingaling…or daddy as some prefer lol.

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She gets the leg shakes
After you’re done, she curls up into a fetal position
During sex you repeatedly shouts the name of Jesus or says OMG multiple times in a row
She tells you not to stop
Her eyes roll in the back of her head
She digs her nails in your back

She throws it back
You hear the the words, Sh*t, F*ck or Yeah while you’re stroking
She is still coming after you’ve pulled out
She feels phantom dick at random moments when you’re not together
Her Vaginal walls tighten while you’re inside
If she texts you a few days later with a “HI :-)” That means she wants some more PIPE!
She can’t stand up straight
She loses her hearing
She walks like a cowboy for about three days
She grabs the sheets on the bed
She creates a puddle in the bed that soaks through your sheets
Her toes curl

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She lays still for a few seconds right after she cums like she is paralyzed
She gets up to fix you something to eat and drink
She compliments you
She sucks air in between her teeth before moaning
After you’re done, She can’t speak but only shakes her head to say “yes” or “no” when you try to speak to her


Her moans become high pitched
She calls out your name
She gets goose bumps

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She uses the grip of death on your head between her thighs when you give her head
She has to cover her mouth because she’s moaning too loud
She starts to stutter while you’re hitting it
She grabs the back of your head while you’re licking her clitoris
She starts running from the D…hitting that spot sometimes feels too good to handle
Her breaths become short

If your partner displays one or more of these reactions, then you are a MASTER Lover…just make sure you wrap it up and don’t give the long stroke to too many women.because you sir will have stalkers!

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4 easy steps to make a woman orgasm

Heat things up

For women, having an orgasm (or to be even in the mood for sex), has a lot to do with her brain, emotions and how she is feeling. And a lot less to do with her sexual organs. So, a good tip is to warm things up before you get to the act. Simple things like sending her a sexy message telling her about how you can’t wait to be with her, or even a nice compliment can help her get in the mood. Other things like pampering her. A gentle peck on her forehead or even just gently stroking her hair and then intensifying the move can speed things up for her. Once in the mood, you have the momentum to get things rolling

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Kiss like a pro

Kissing is the appetiser to the yummy sexual meal. So make sure you get it right. A good tip is to start with gentle kisses as you hold her face close to yours. As things heat up, intensify the move by putting your hands around her waist and pulling her close. Your need for more of her will make her feel more wanted and less self-conscious.

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Fondle her breasts

Once you both want to take things to the next level, you can slowly move on to fondling her breasts. A very sensitive organ, her breasts are powerful erogenous zones. If fondled right, they can help her feel amazing and bring her closer to orgasming. What’s more, some women love it when a man fondles her breasts as she is about to orgasm as it helps move things along.

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Give her some love down there

Apart from all the other erogenous zones on her body, her clitoris, vagina and vulva are the most sensitive during sexual arousal. Gently touching her, first over her vulva and thighs, then moving on to her clitoris and vagina can make her orgasm like never before. At this point, it is essential to remember that some women orgasm only when their clitoris is stimulated; while others need it to get things going. You can finish things off with penetrative sex.


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