Eating her Pussy | 11 Dangerous Mistakes Most Men Make

Unfortunately, there are some potential problems, and stumbling blocks that you may run into that will affect the amount of pleasure you can give to your girl when eating her pussy. You need to be aware of these problems and avoid them to make sure you maximize your pussy eating efforts.

1. Don’t use the alphabet

This is where you draw the alphabet with your tongue on her clit/pussy. Most girls don’t enjoy it at all when you spell the alphabet with your tongue on her pussy.
This technique doesn’t work because it’s incredibly inconsistent. You might hit a place she likes, but you’re not going to spend much time on it. Speaking of inconsistency…

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2. Be consistent

pussy eating (2)

Being inconsistent is a great way to frustrate your girl and make it near impossible for her to orgasm. Most guys feel the same way when they are getting a hand job/blow job. It’s frustrating when she strokes you randomly with no consistency.
In other words, you should aim to use the same rhythm, speed, and pressure when you go down on her, ESPECIALLY as she’s about to cum.

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3. Listen for feedback

Terrible lovers do not look for feedback. You need to listen to her feedback, both listening to how her body reacts as well as actively asking her what she enjoys most.
As you get more and more feedback from her, you will be able to build up a mental library of techniques that are guaranteed to make her see you as the best lover she’s ever had.
When listening to her body, if she’s moaning or sounds breathless, you’re doing a great job. And if she’s closed her eyes or her body is tensing up, or she starts breathing faster/harder, then she is probably close to orgasm, and you just need to continue at the same pace.
However, some women like oral sex but don’t get to that point. An important part of knowing how to give cunnilingus is knowing that not every woman will orgasm or even wants to, and you definitely shouldn’t pressure or rush her.

4. Food is a bad idea

Licking cream off your partner’s body can be incredibly erotic and fun. But licking it off her pussy can cause serious problems.
Some food particles can make their way into her vagina and cause irritation or a yeast infection  or even worse. For this reason, you should avoid putting cream, chocolate sauce or any other food on or near her vagina.

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5. Do not imitate porn

Trying to imitate porn during sex or when fingering her or when eating her pussy is usually a bad idea. Porn is filmed to look good on screen, and that’s it.
Porn directors don’t particularly care whether or not the actors are enjoying it and as a result, porn provides a shitty way to learn good pussy eating technique.

6. Do not be too rough

The clitoris is amazingly sensitive, so you don’t need a lot of force. Although some women enjoy hard pressure, not every woman does.
Try licking through her panties or labia if she’s too sensitive for direct contact.

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7. Do not try to replicate sex

You’ll notice that most of the techniques we suggested focus on licking her clitoris and vulva. While many women enjoy vaginal sex, you’re limited with what you can do with your tongue, which probably won’t be able to penetrate very much.
Even if you could, the tongue in vagina technique doesn’t do much for many women.
You can lick around the opening and may even love the taste of her there, but you want to get back to her clitoris sooner rather than later.
Of course, some women do like tongue insertion when being eaten out, so you might want to ask just in case. You’ll never understand how to eat out a girl if you’re afraid of communication!

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8. Do use your hands

Using your hands when eating her pussy is A-OK. As I mentioned before, it’s also a great way to give your mouth and tongue a rest and also change things up. Variation is the spice of life, after all. Here are just a few examples of how you can get your hands involved.
You can switch between stimulating her using only your tongue and then using only your hands and then using only your tongue again.
You can use both your tongue and fingers at the same time.
You can use your hands almost exclusively, and as she’s getting close to orgasm, you can finish her off using only your tongue. Or vice-versa.

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9. Do not rush, but don’t ignore quickies either

pussy eating (3)

I’ve previously talked about how taking your time can work really well to build anticipation.
It means when you finally go down on her, she’s so incredibly sensitive and ready that you can pretty much do no wrong.
Equally, it can be really hot if you’re at a party together and you quickly sneak off and eat her out before returning knowing that you’ve both been up to no good.
The key is switching things up to keep it interesting. If you do the same thing, it’ll get boring for both of you.
And if you’re the type who rushes eating someone out because you simply see it as a type of foreplay before getting to the “main thing,” you’re missing out — and your girl knows it. Attitude matters and you need to understand that if you want to eat pussy like a pro.

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10. Do ask for help

In the ideal world, you will be able to listen and observe your girl’s body as you try different techniques on her, allowing you to see what works and what doesn’t work.
Some women just won’t like certain cunnilingus tips I’ve just given you, and that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with her. It just means you need to spend more time getting to know her specific preferences.
If she isn’t sure what she likes, we suggest trying a few different ways to eat pussy and getting her to rate them.
This strategy doesn’t always work.
Some women are quieter than others and may not react much, even when they orgasm. As a result, you may find it near impossible to tell if she is enjoying herself or not.
The only solution is getting some feedback from her. After you go down on her, try asking her about what she enjoyed, what she didn’t enjoy, and what she wants you to do differently.
This is the only way that you’re going to get better at eating her out..

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11. Do not make orgasm the goal

When a girl goes down on you, it feels amazing, right? The same is true for women.
Women often have a more difficult time reaching orgasm when they are with you. They can feel self-conscious when getting intimate. In fact, reaching orgasm when masturbating alone is usually easier for most women.
So try not to focus solely on making her climax when eating her pussy…
Don’t tell her you’re going to make her orgasm, especially if you’ve never helped her to cum in the past.
This allows her just to appreciate the pleasure, even if she doesn’t get off.
She won’t feel required to fake an orgasm if she doesn’t get there.


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