5 Confidence-Boosting Sex Positions That Will Have You Feeling Sexy

Finding the confidence to truly feel sexy is difficult in any arena, but let’s be honest: it can be especially challenging in the bedroom. Once the clothes come off and it’s just you and a partner (or a few partners, if that’s your vibe), it’s easy for fear and self-consciousness to rear their heads—and nothing kills the mood quite like an insecurity you can’t ignore. Fortunately, there are a ton of sex positions for boosting confidence that can help you find your sexiest self and ensure a great time under the sheets.

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These confidence-boosting moves will make you feel ultra-comfortable in bed—or on the couch, or in the shower. Wherever you and your partner decide to get it on! The key to many of these positions is (surprise, surprise)intimacy. When you create intimacy with a partner—whether or not you’re romantically involved—your insecurities subside, and it’s easier to let loose. It’s then that your sexiest self can emerge!

Of course, there isn’t one surefire intimacy-igniter that works every time, for every couple. A sense of intimacy can be created in so many different ways. Maybe you’re a fan of face-to-face eye contact, or perhaps you couldn’t bare to lock eyes and prefer to focus on hand placement and sensual touch. Either way, there’s a move or two on this list for you.

There’s no wrong way to feel sexy, so go ahead and try out the 5 confidence-boosting sex positions below. You’re gonna feel so hot!

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1. Reverse Cowgirl

While the classic Cowgirl position has the top partner face-to-face with the partner on bottom, Reverse Cowgirl has the person on top facing the opposite way. If you’re the partner on top, you can even stay on your knees to make it more comfortable. This position takes away the option of locking eyes with your partner, which can make some people feel self-conscious in the heat of the moment. Without that potential pressure, you can go full-force and show off your sexy side.

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2. Spooning

Spooning sex is ideal for people who are lazy at heart and who want to feel confident during sex. With one partner spooning the other and penetrating them from behind, you can feel close to one another without actually facing each other. It’s a good way to built trust and intimacy with your partner. Plus, if you’re not a fan of penetration, you can use the Spooning position as a way for your partner to masturbate you from behind.

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3. Love on Top

Love on Top, otherwise known as the classic Cowgirl position, allows one partner to be on top during penetrative sex. The person on top can feel confident, in control and and dominant, while the partner on bottom doesn’t necessarily have to be submissive. Bottom partner: use a little dirty talk to hype your cowgirl up! Some verbal action during sex can work wonders for your partner’s self-esteem.

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4. Victory

The Victory position starts with the penetrating partner grabbing the other partner’s legs and raising them up into a V-shaped position. From there, the partner holding the legs can stay on their knees and thrust. This position is particularly helpful for those who have a harder time orgasming from penetration. The partner on the bottom has an easy angle to massage themselves while being penetrated, so there is stimulation coming from all angles.

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5. Face-to-Face

Face-to-Face is similar to spooning in that both partners are horizontal, but instead of lying one behind the other, you’re facing in towards each other. In this position, you can use penetration or do mutual masturbation, and tightly grip your partner for that extra-intimate touch. If watching your partner during sex gives you a rush, this is the position for you


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