Here are 6 Fingering Techniques that will Give HER an Intense Orgasm

Do you want to give the best to your lady love on bed? Well, here are some tips that are sure to change sex for your woman and she will love you more than ever. We are sure most of you know that not every woman achieves an orgasm during sex. However, there are some techniques that you can use to give your woman orgasm. Sex is not just about intercourse or a blow job, there is a lot more than you can do. If you truly want to give your woman equal pleasure, then follow these simple techniques using your fingers. Fingering is something that every woman loves and if done right it can even give them an orgasm. Here are the 5 fingering tips that you need to learn. Before you get on to these techniques just make sure your nails are cut and filed properly, you do not want to hurt her.

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1. Start by kissing to make her wet

Before you directly use your fingers on her, make sure that you kiss her enough and make her wet. Once she is wet, using fingers will give her more pleasure. So kiss her, her neck, breasts before you slid your hands inside her pants.

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2. A bit of teasing always works wonders

A bit of teasing always works wonders

When you do touch her down there, start by a little teasing. Slowly sway your hands over her vagina and caress her inner thighs and the area below the vagina. Your woman loves the teasing and it makes her tuned on to another level.

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3. Rub her clitoris slowly
Fingering doesn’t always have to start and end by sticking your fingers inside her vagina. The best way to give all the pleasure to your woman is by rubbing her clitoris. You need to use your fingers back and forth and in circles on her clitoris. Just notice her expressions and you will know exactly what spot she loves the most.

4. You can also use lube
Just because a woman is dry doesn’t always mean she is not enjoying it. Some women are naturally dry down there and in situations like these, to increase the pleasure of fingering, you can use some lubrication.

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5. Use one finger to begin with


Don’t go all crazy on her and use too many fingers. To being with, use just one finger and penetrate her. See how she reacts to it. If she is enjoying, you can continue this till she is super wet and then use one more finger to insert her. ALSO READ These are the 5 hottest lesbian sex positions for an intense orgasm!

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6. Bend your finger, once it is inside
You cannot only stick to inside out movement with your finger. You also need to bend your finger once it is inside and find her G-spot. If she moans a little more than usual, well then, you may have touched her right spot.

Apart from all these techniques, you should also use your other hand to constantly rub her clitoris. Some women achieve orgasm only by clitoral stimulation. So make the most of it and use both your hands.


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