Male Masturbation Techniques: 11 Unique Moves for Max Pleasure

There are lots of ways to give yourself pleasure, guys! Check out these great male masturbation techniques and make yourself feel good.
Everyone knows that masturbation is normal and healthy. However, many of us don’t invest nearly as much time and energy into figuring out new ways to be inventive and interesting in our solo time as we do when it comes to sex with a partner. So, we’ve put together a list of the hottest male masturbation techniques to put your imagination–and pleasure–into overdrive.

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The male masturbation techniques to master

If you are in between relationships or just fancy a little bit of “you time” every so often, then why be boring? There are loads of different techniques and positions to try and keep things interesting, experience intense orgasms, and have loads of fun while you are at it.
Not everything works for everyone, so it’s all about trial and error to find out which techniques work best for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at these male masturbation techniques for inspiration.

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#1 Pray for pleasure.

This is a fantastic, intense experience. Simply rub a generous amount of lube on both of your hands and then interlock them around your penis, as if you were praying.
Then start to move your hands up and down in a rhythmic rubbing motion. It’s up to you to find the perfect speed and pressure, but when you do, it’s a pretty heavenly experience!

#2 Get creative with Vapor Rub.

Who knew that Vapor Rub could do more than clear up a blocked nose when you feel a little under the weather? Vapor Rub is actually the perfect accompaniment to take your orgasms to the next level when indulging in some solo sex time. Just rub a small amount on your hands and get to work. The amazing hot/cold sensations are pretty intense. Just remember, you don’t need much. Overkill takes the amazing tingle to a more unpleasant burn if you are not careful!

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#3 Use the other hand.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a favorite hand that we use when we are getting down and dirty solo. But have you ever tried working it with your non-master hand?
If you use the other one, it takes more time for your brain to connect that it’s you that’s doing it. This is where you let your imagination run wild and fantasize about who might be giving you a helping hand—which makes for some pretty hot self-loving, that’s for sure!

#4 Watch some porn.

An oldie but it never fails! Spice up your masturbation time by sticking on some of your favorite porn. If you’ve never watched it before, it’s easy to find great free sites with lots of options to browse through. Find out what really gets you going and then sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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#5 Do it over clothes.

You might be used to simply stripping off and getting to it when you fancy a quick jerk off by yourself—and, of course, that’s up to you. However, if you’ve got a little time, why not delight in the build up?
Dry rubbing yourself over clothes is a great way to build up tension and make the whole experience feel more erotic. It’s really sensual. You are almost teasing yourself which leads to a pretty intense orgasm too. If you can’t handle waiting, you can always start this way and move on to some skin on skin action later.

#6 Get creative in the kitchen.

Okay, we aren’t suggestion that you go all American Pie on us *though if that gets you going then why not?!*, but have you ever tried doing it in a bag of warm jelly? It might sound crazy to some, but if you’ve got an open mind and you’re willing to experiment, this actually feels pretty amazing.
The warm, wet, soft texture of the jelly is a major turn on, and the best bit is you can ejaculate right inside and then just throw the whole lot away!

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#7 Tease yourself.

Again, this is one for where you’ve got a little time, maybe a Sunday afternoon kind of session! Remember it’s all about finding ways to get the best, most intense pleasure, and so prolonging that feeling and building up to your orgasm is often the way to go.
Try rubbing yourself for a while, until you are pulsating with pleasure, and then stopping for a little while until you can’t bear it any longer, then start again.
Do this over and over again until the sensations build up and you can’t take the teasing any more. Your orgasm will be intense, long, and take over your whole body—what’s not to love about that?!

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#8 Ball tugging.

Remember that when it comes to male masturbation techniques, you need to think beyond just the penis. Maybe your partner has tried ball tugging on you in the past. Basically, this is a simple and easy technique for those who kind of like to mix pain and pleasure.
Wait until you are just about to climax, and then give your balls a *gentle* pull. Doing so will increase the intensity of your orgasm, and you’ll cum like you never have before!

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#9 Get in tune with your body.

Remember what we said about masturbating not just being about the penis? Well try to take that advice to heart and think about how you can use your whole body to have fun.
There are so many places to touch yourself that you’ll find hot and horny, so why not spend some time exploring your body, touching yourself all over, finding your different pressure points and so on.
Touch, rub, and stimulate almost every part of your body. Make sure you do yourself a favor and give your whole body attention when you are indulging in some self-loving!

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#10 Try different positions.

It’s so easy just to lie on your back and get to it when you have some special “me time,” but remember fantastic male masturbation techniques are all about experimentation. If you don’t mix it up, you might find things become a little boring.
So, don’t get lazy and instead try loads of different positions. You could be on your knees, with your legs in the air, lying on your front—get your body into different positions and use them to enhance your fantasy!

There are so many different male masturbation techniques and positions to try your hand at that it seems crazy not to give some of them a go. The next time you feel as though your solo sex time is getting a little boring, give some of these tips a try.


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