Oral Sex for Her | 15 Moves to use on her During Cunnilingus

If you really want to give her a ridiculous amount of pleasure in the bedroom, it is important that you learn some of the better tips and techniques for cunnilingus. This advice will help you to makes her squirm and twist in ecstasy, and she will definitely be grateful for it. Any man who wants to spice up their sex life as a couple will need to get these tips immediately. There is simply nothing that women love more than a guy who really knows how to use his tongue.

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1. Get her Comfortable

The very first step in performing incredible cunnilingus on a girl is to make sure that she is completely comfortable. The more at ease she feels, the more receptive she will be to whatever you do with your tongue. There are a lot of great tricks for pleasing her down there, but none of them will work if she isn’t relaxed.

2. Build the Tension

You will also need to keep in mind that it’s important to build up the tension by licking around her clit when you get down there. This will drive her absolutely crazy in the best possible way. Also, make sure to kiss her inner thighs when you are making your way up.

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3. Don’t Just Lick

While most guys think of performing cunnilingus as just licking, there are so many other things that you can do with your mouth to please her. Make sure that you suck, rub, and blow on her vagina and the surrounding area. This will really drive her pleasure level up quick, and she’ll love you for it.

4. Never Stop!

Some guys are tempted to stop performing cunnilingus when it seems like the girl is at the height of her pleasure, but you always want to keep going. The longer you go, the better she is going to feel. Stopping what you are doing when she really starts moaning will be sure to kill the moment.

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5. Maintain the Same Rhythm

Although it might seem a bit strange, you should maintain the same “rhythm” when you are going down on a girl. By keeping your tongue movements consistent, it will be a lot easier for her to get pleasure and climax. Men who break the rhythm usually end up with one very unhappy woman.

6. Don’t Forget to Use Your Fingers

Using your fingers on her while you are licking her pussy is a great way to ensure that she experienced an incredible amount of pleasure. Don’t be afraid to finger her a little bit while you are working her over with your tongue. This is always a winning combination that she will definitely lobe.

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7. Have Her Sit on Your Face

Having her sit on your face is one of the best ways to eat her out, so you will need to keep that in mind. She will really be able to feel the penetrating depth of your tongue in this position. At first this position might be a little bit difficult for you, but it’s worth making the adjustment for her sake.

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8. Your Hands Should be Nice and Warm

Before you get started making her scream with pleasure, you will need to make certain that your hands are warm. You will be using your tongue, but your hands are going to play an important role as well. No woman wants to be touched by a guy with cold hands.

9. Shave Your Face

It is highly recommended that you shave your face before going down on any woman, because stubble is only going to take away from the pleasure she experiences. If you want to make pleasing her easy, shave beforehand.

10. Get Wet

You will also want to make sure that your tongue and mouth is thoroughly wet before you begin eating her out. This can make all the difference when it comes to going down on a girl.

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11. Focus on Her Clit

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when eating pussy is not to focus more on the clit. The surrounding area can be very sensitive too, but make sure that you keep this in mind when going down there.

12. Use a Steady Circular Motion

If you really want to make her feel good when performing cunnilingus, keep a steady circular motion going with your tongue. This is a great way to make her moan like crazy over and over.

13. Focus

When you are going down on a girl, it is absolutely imperative that you stay focused at all times. Losing focus for even a little bit can really turn her off and ruin the moment, so keep this in mind when you get into bed together.

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14. Don’t Rush it

Don’t go too fast when you are eating her out, especially when you’re just starting off. Rushing through it will make her feel like you don’t really care about pleasing her, which is the last thing you want. Take your time and make her feel good so that she’ll want to make you feel good afterwards.

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15. Keep it Simple

Guys tend to get caught up in using these overly complicated techniques, but it’s important that you just keep it simple. This will increase your chances of giving pleasure to the girl you are with. The fact is that a simple circular or up-and-down motion with your tongue will be more than enough, as long as you are consistent and go for quite a while.

If you want to make sure that your girl gets as much pleasure as possible in the bedroom, it is important that you become a cunnilingus pro. The better you are at eating her out, the hotter the sex is going to be for both of you.


So few men are skilled at eating pussy, that even just reading a few pages of this book will literally put you in the top 1% of cunnilingus masters. Eating a woman’s pussy is one of the greatest sexual acts you can perform. It is at the same time intimate and incredibly sexual. You are literally making out with her pussy. At the same time that your head is buried between her thighs, you can feel the subtle convulsions of her body, her breath deepen and shorten and you can feel the arching of her back as she actually works with you to heighten her own arousal. If you do it right, the experience is intense, unforgettable and at times – explosive.
However, eating a woman’s pussy is not something that they ever taught you in school. It is, although, a skill that every man should have. This teaches you how to do it right. Now let’s gets down to eating pussy and chowing box.

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