The Pros and Cons of 69-ing | Plus Ways to Increase Your Pleasure in the 69 Sex Position

  69 Sex Position
Before we expand and make your imagination go wild, let’s begin with understanding the meaning of the 69 position. “69” position refers to the carnal arrangement that lets couple indulge in simultaneous oral sex. The position is called “69” because of the way it appears when a couple match their mouths to each other’s genitals. And, while it involves a little coordination and a lot more confidence you’re your regular bedroom moves, trust us, the outcome is absolutely worth it.
Now before you go all guns blazing in the bedroom or wherever your fantasy takes you, spare sometime and understand some pros and cons associated with the 69 position. It’s just, we really don’t like to be responsible if things go south instead of north.

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Pros of 69 Position

As it is a tough positon to master, 69 can help improve coordination, trust and even understanding between both partners. It can be a perfect position to spice things up and send passion flying through the roof. If things have started to get predictable and boring in the bedroom, 69 will make it fun and challenging again!
It also helps save a lot of time as you don’t have to take turns to perform oral sex.
Another major advantage being, pleasuring each other with this position can help in keeping unwanted pregnancies away in case you have forgotten to carry contraceptives with you.
The risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases is also lower than unprotected anal or vaginal sex. However, this position exposes you to STDs like throat gonorrhea, Chlamydia and herpes. So, it is better to know your partner’s sexual history to be safe.

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Cons of 69 Position

Oral sex is not everybody’s cup of tea and thus this position won’t be too. Also, there is a high chance of one partner climaxing before the other and that can take the entire pleasure out of this sex position.
To make this position do wonders, both partners need to be compatible in terms of weight and height. Or else, this sex position will become too uncomfortable for either one of the partner to enjoy. The other thing about the position is that its nature makes it suffocating for some people who are performing it.
So, the simplest way to understand the 69 position is by looking at it as a glass of fine wine. It is an acquired taste, and some people swear by it. For others, they might like to stick to their regular glass of stout beer. But there is no harm in trying everything once. So, give it a shot and see whether you both develop a penchant for this position, or you would like to stick to the basics.

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Are there any general tips or tricks?

Experiment with who’s on top and who’s on bottom
Do you and your partner basically have an Unofficial 69 Position — meaning one of you is always top and one of you is always on the bottom? If so, invert the position!
Doing so will allow you each to explore each other’s genitals from a new angle, potentially introducing you to new hot spots.

Protect your neck
Are you gonna notice paralysis from 69-ing? Probably not. But if your neck is in a suboptimal position for a long while, it is possible to tweak a muscle, pinch a nerve, or cramp up. So if you’re on the bottom, protect your neck by supporting it with a rolled shirt, pillow, or other positioning tools.

Get comfy

It’s not just your neck that should be comfy — it’s your whole bod. If you’re positioned in a way that creates discomfort, it will inhibit your ability to feel pleasure. So before you start licking, take a moment to find the right position for both of your bodies to open up and relax into your pleasure.

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The mouth and tongue can do so many things that our genitals can’t do… lick, suck, blow, flick, nip, and bite, to name just a few. So spend some time exploring what your partner likes. Communicate with your partner along the way, giving them the opportunity to tell you what they like.
You might ask:
“Do you like it better when I flick or suck?”
“I’m going to try a few different speeds with my tongue. When I do one that you like, will you tell me?”
“Does this feel good?”

Once you find something your partner(s) like, be consistent. Consistency is key to climax. Once you find two or three moves that your partner likes, stick to those.

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Use your hands
Question: Why use *just* your mouth when you’ve got hands that could help you hold, rub, squeeze, stroke, circle, and penetrate your partner?
Answer: You shouldn’t.
In addition to adding to the above sensations, using your hands will also keep your mouth from getting tired.


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