Female Orgasm 101; Preparation, Building & Delivering it

This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on how to give women orgasms. This Book is something that you can refer to time and time again. The information is intended to help women achieve orgasms and have a more fulfilling sexual relationship. It contains details of female orgasms, along with the overall “system” or “strategy” you’ll employ. Also included are techniques to illustrate what needs to be done, and when.
It can be looked at as the “toolbox” of techniques. You’ll find a variety of different sexual techniques you can use to “plug-and-play” into the overall system of making a woman achieve an orgasm. In this book are the keys needed to open the doors for a woman’s sexual fulfillment ready to be given to as many lovers as those who desire to possess them.
OK, enough talk… now open the book and let’s get down to business!

Download the following files:: PDF (5MB) EPUB (6MB) MOBI (7MB) on this page

Download the following files:: PDF (5MB) EPUB (6MB) MOBI (7MB) on this page

4 thoughts on “Female Orgasm 101; Preparation, Building & Delivering it

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  1. There was so much I didn’t apparently know about the female orgasm. I love this book, it should be required reading material for everyone over the age of 16. This book gave me more confidence ((lol you can figure out how exactly by reading the book yourself)) not only in the bedroom, but I am finding that getting better orgasms helps my confidence OUT of the bedroom as well. I have always seen myself as fairly attractive, but I wouldnt lable myself as “sexy”. This book ((well the activities in it they invite you to try out)) has helped me view myself in a better light, simply by helping me receive better orgasms. I also love the way it was written. It’s not a boring old “How to” book. I learned a lot, and have already reccomended this book to several other women ((and a few men)). I plan on buying this for every wedding shower I attend from this point forward. Even if you think the sex is great, this book can help it be so much greater. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot, great to have your feedback, truly appreciate it. Also good to hear that it improved your love life. Remember, What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree? Hold on to your nuts, this ain’t no ordinary blowjob.

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  2. It keeps you engaged and even laughing at times. This is a great guide book for all men and should be required reading. I have a few friends getting married soon and I plan to give them both the book as a wedding gift! As someone who has been married for 16 year, I understand the value of having a great sex life to keep the bond strong

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  3. This is such an educational book! Very approachable and a great tool for any couple whether they’ve been together for years or are just starting out. Heck, it’s a great tool for anyone, men and women alike, to know more about how the female body works and dispel some myths and mysteries.

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