Ride Tease Please | Sexual Ideas To Satisfy Your Man in Bed

This book is a profound contribution to the entire spectrum of lovemaking that yields a new erotic universe. Dependence on male thrusting alone to reach the heights of erotic glory is like trying to win a foot race on one leg. 
Did you know that the penis can be fondled, caressed, griped, massaged, milked, licked, inundated and rippled as a whole or in sections using only the vagina?
Far from being an exotic tricks, knowing your sexual skills is the female counterpart to males thrusting ability. Men are born with penises but a certain amount of practice is usually needed to move a penis with real finesse. Likewise, women can train themselves to be sexually unforgettable in bed.
This is the only book that doesn’t beat around the bush and that finally gives you all the hidden secrets of truly giving him what he wants in the bedroom.
Let’s go!!!

Download: PDF, EPUB & MOBI on this page


Download: PDF, EPUB & MOBI on this page

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